Approved by Board of Directors on May 14, 2011

Membership Cards and Guest Passes

Upon entering the Four Winds Club, all owners and guest(s) must stop at the security gate. A current membership card or guest pass must be presented, and if requested a valid for of ID (State or Federal Government issued) prior to entering. Entering Four Winds by any other means is prohibited. All owners and guests must stop at the security gate when leaving.

Owners must produce their membership or permanent guest card to gain entry to the Four Winds property.

A permanent guest card will be kept on file at the security gate for immediate family members only. (Owners, Parents, Adult Children, their Spouse and Children, girlfriend/boyfriend, if not married).

Only members whose dues/assessments are paid up to date will be permitted the use of Common Grounds and facilities to include roads, pool, youth center, boat ramp, golf course, etc. Members are not allowed to have guests while dues/assessments are unpaid. Refer to Four Winds Club, Inc. by-laws, Article III: Section 2; Suspension of Membership Rights, paragraph "a" and Article IV; Section 1; paragraph "d". All use of facilities and common areas within Four Winds are suspended while you are in default.

A guest pass will be issued to all guests to display in their vehicles' windshield.

Only members and guests over 18 years of age will be permitted onto Four Winds property, unless their parents or a responsible adult are physically present in the campground.

Temporary Guest Pass and Rates

A temporary guest pass may be used to gain entry into Four Winds. Property owners must provide the pass or purchase any additional temporary passes from the security gate. A charge of $5.00 per guest, per day, will be charged. The pass is good for one (1) day. Guests may stay in the member's trailer. Should a guest bring their own camper to camp on the member's extra lot there is an additional charge of $15.00 per day, $75.00 per week and $300.00 per month, per family of four (4). Please note that only one camper per lot is authorized. Temporary guest charges are non-refundable. Temporary pass must be displayed on vehicle windshield.

A limit of six (6) Temporary Guests and six (6) Permanent Guests will normally be permitted per lot owner. All special guest and or group arrangements, other than listed above must be made in advance with Four Winds management.

Golf Carts, Licensed and Un-Licensed Vehicles

All trailer, boats, bikes, etc. must stop at the security gate and show proof of ownership upon entering or leaving Four Winds property.

Proof of insurance is required prior to entering Four Winds property.

All vehicles must be operated in a safe manner.

All vehicle operators must obey posted traffic signs, rules and regulations.

A 15 MPH speed limit is in effect throughout the Four Winds property.

Four Winds has zero tolerance for campers who disregard these rules.

All licensed vehicles are to be driven by licensed drivers only.

Motorized Vehicles

All motor vehicles within the Four Winds property must be registered, tagged, inspected, and insured. Any motor vehicle found improperly registered, tagged, inspected and or insured must be removed by property owner or it will subject the owner to bines and Four Winds disciplinary action.

All golf carts must be registered on January 1 of each year. Golf cart registration is $15.00. Only owners and immediate family members will be permitted to register golf carts with Four Winds. No motorized vehicles are permitted in or around the teen center/pool area.

No motorized vehicles are permitted on the golf course except for golf carts while playing golf. Four Winds has zero tolerance for any damages to the golf course due to abuse. Anyone causing damage to the Four Winds golf course will be subject to criminal charges and Four Winds disciplinary action.

All licensed vehicles are to be driven by licensed drivers.

Quiet Time

Quiet time at Four Winds will be observed between the hours of 12 midnight and 8:00 A.M.

Condition of Camping Site

Each property lot owner is responsible for the upkeep of their site. Members' lot must be kept in a clean, safe, and healthful condition. Refer to the Four Winds Covenants.

Environmental Preservation Committee (EPC)

All EPC rules must be observed relative to obtaining Building Permits for any structure or alternation thereto, grading, concrete pads, or decks to be erected or maintained upon any Four Winds site. EPC policies must also be observed relative to fences, wooden patios, screen houses and tree removal.

Building materials are not allowed on the property without a Four Winds and Caroline County Building Permit.

Disposing of Trash

All waste, sewage, garbage, liquids, solids and trash must be properly disposed of.

<1> All sewage, wastewater, dishwater, etc. must be caught in properly approved containers and transferred to a sewage dump station.

<2> Any violation of these rules will not be permitted and will cause serious problems with the Virginia Health Department.

<3> All household garbage is to be disposed of in the dumpsters or trash barrels. No propane tanks or hazardous material allowed in dumpsters. Nothing is to be left on the ground next to the dumpsters.

<4> Only aluminum cans in bags are to be left in the aluminum can area. No aluminum chairs, doors or other material are to be placed in this area.

<5> All tree limbs and leaves are to be taken to a designated dump location. Check with security for location.

<6> Non-household trash to include batteries, TV's, building materials and large waste items are not to be placed at the dumpsters. Caroline County has opened a local waste disposal site located 1/2 mile south of Route 301 on Route 17. A Four Winds membership card is sufficient proof of Caroline County residence. Four Winds Club can and will assess appropriate fines to members who dispose of the above items improperly.

Prohibited Items

Hot tubs, electric heaters, clothes washer, dryers, electric stoves or freezers are not permitted to be operated on porches or in sheds. Fines can and will be assessed for each violation of this rule.


All pets must be on a leash,or otherwise kept under control and waste cleaned up at all times. A member receiving two (2) citations for pet being off leash must remove the pet from the property. Member may appeal to the Board of Directors. Pets are NOT permitted within the playground or the tennis courts.

Open Fires

No open air fires before 4:00 P.M. to 12:00 MIDNIGHT. All fires must be confined within a metal, pottery, barbecuing, brazing, masonry fireplace or fire pit encircled with large stones. All open fires may be restricted during extremely dry conditions by State and County regulations.

Firearms and Fireworks

Firearms shall not be discharged within Four Winds Property. A firearm is classified as any device that can shoot a projectile.

Fireworks of any type are not permitted within the Four Winds property except for fireworks during a controlled 4th of July weekend display.

Children Under the Age of Eight (8)

A responsible adult must accompany all children under the age of eight (8) anytime they are not at their own site. This is to include all public facilities, restrooms, swimming pool, playground and youth center.

Swim At Your Own Risk, Swimming Pool, Teen Center

A swim at your own risk is in effect at the Four Winds lakes and river. Four Winds does not provide life guards.

When the common area of the swimming pool and youth center are closed for the evening all persons under the age of 18 are to return to their campsites or be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Fishing License

A Virginia fishing license is required for all fishing in the State of Virginia. This includes all of the lakes and the Rappahannock River within the Four Winds property.

Gas Powered Boats and Dam Area

No gas powered boats are permitted on Four Winds lakes.

No boats are to be left on the face of the dam or in the launching area at Holiday Lake. Boats are to be stored on the boat rack, near the boat rack, or on members' lot. Four Winds will confiscate all boats left on the face of the dam. Owners will be fined $50.00 plus $10.00 a day to recover their boat.

Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs

The youth center, pool and surrounding areas are considered an alcohol/drug free zone. Four Winds has zero tolerance for violation of this policy.

The authorities will be called should anyone be found distributing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

The Four Winds Club has ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone found possessing, using, or distributing illegal drugs.

Violation of Rules and Regulations

All persons on Four Winds property, including but not limited to their lots, are subject to all state and federal laws.

Any person found in violation of the rules and regulations, found causing damage to any Four Winds property will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the Board of Directors as set forth in the by-laws of the Four Winds Club, Inc. This may include fines and or suspension of property owners privileges, and or, suspension of family members and guest privileges to visit the Four Winds Club property.

State and Federal Law

All persons on Four Winds property, including but not limited to their lots, are subject to all state and federal laws.

Building Permits

A Caroline County and Four Winds Building permit is required for all structures.

Member will need a Four Winds permit at a cost of $5.00. Member will take the Four Winds permit along with drawings of the structure to Caroline County.

A permit is required for any structure repairs.

Building permits will be required at the security gate by anyone transporting substantial quantities of lumber or building supplies onto Four Winds property.

Storage Shed

Member must obtain a Special Use Permit from Caroline County prior to placing a pre-built shed on your lot.


Caroline County has amended the zoning ordinance for all campgrounds/camping areas and individual lots within those areas. Permanent occupancy of any camping lots shall not be permitted. The maximum number of overnight stays shall not exceed 180 days in any twelve month period. Caroline County will issue citations to include court appearances and fines. Four Winds will impose up to a $10.00 per day fine on members who don't follow Caroline County's ordinances.

Electrical Connections to Camping Lots

The State of Virginia and Caroline County use the National Electric Code as the basis for all codes having to do with electrical connections. Four Winds supplies each lot with one (1) 30/40 amp outlet. The National Electrical Code requires that the connection from members' trailer must be a plug connection. If improperly connected, member will be notified and allowed ample time to make corrections. Once notified of any illegal power connections, the member must correct the problem or a $10.00 per day fine will be applied to members account.

Payment of Dues

a.A member failing to pay their dues, after a 60 day grace period, will have their electric disconnected. A $100.00 reconnect fee will be charged per lot. An additional charge of $65 per lot will be made to reconnect electric after normal business hours Monday thru Friday and on weekends. Members’ electric will only be reconnected after all back dues, assessments and penalties are paid in full.

Air Conditioners and Refrigerators

Air conditioners and refrigerators are allowed on porches.

Enclosed Trailers

All enclosed trailers are subject to inspection for ATV's, Dirt Bikes and building materials. Should member elect not to allow this inspection, the enclosed trailer will not be permitted onto Four Winds property.

Commercial Use

The use of lots for commercial or business purposes within Four Winds Campground is PROHIBITED.

Unlicensed Vehicles

1. No Golf Cart, or ANY motorized vehicle shall be used on Four Winds Campground UNLESS it has been registered with Security. Registration must be completed upon entering the campground.

2. A speed limit of 15 MPH or less will be observed at all times, along with all traffic control signs.

3. The operation of any motorized vehicle in a reckless manner will result with a citation being issued to the operator. A second citation will result with the removal of said vehicle from Four Winds Club, Inc. An assessment of $50.00 per citation will be added to member's account. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!

4. Golf carts will have no more persons than the law allows for seating (3) people per golf carts with a seat, all persons must be seated.

5. No person under the age of 12 may operate a golf cart.

6. Four Winds vehicles enjoy the right of way between Holiday Lake and the Adult Center. All of the property on both sides of the road is PRIVATE PROPERTY. (TAKE NOTE: THE OWNER OF SAID PROPERTY WILL PROSECUTE ALL TRESPASSERS).